3 Most Popular Ways to Earn Backlinks

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Old school backlink building had a simple way of link placement. It used frequency of views to strengthen domain and improve ranking for a website. With Google’s new and innovative algorithm, things have changed dramatically.

These algorithms are much smarter and can predict the focus and context of backlinks. Therefore, the website rankings now are much more honest and based on authentic facts and figures.

Backlinks that are intended to just improve rankings are charged for spamming and manipulation. Only the links that are relevant and authentic are passed on which enables users with easier and more enjoyable web surfing.

SEO companies play a vital role in optimizing your websites and backlinking. They can help you stay away from any illegal methods and promote your website through conventional ways. Among these companies Webryze has been the leading search engine optimization company in Toronto for its amazing SEO services.

In this article we will discuss some of the most common and popular ways that can earn you backlinks.

First Thing First

Before we move to the methods for backlinking, it is important to know how you can stay clear from Google penalties. It is pretty much your luck as you hope Google doesn’t identify your links as irrelevant. It mainly happened because of manual backlinking which is not the case anymore. Things have improved quite a bit and we will see how.

Safe Backlink Building

The techniques we will discuss in this article are more or less based on syndication and content creation. Your content should have relevance to the question asked so that it serves a reason for its presence on the search results page. Here are some content building tips for you:

  1. Interviews

Interviews are a great source for backlinks. There are two major advantages for having interviews as your content. Firstly, you don’t have to develop the content because it is being served to your by the interviewee. Secondly, when you interview a celebrity or a person with popular image, you have great chances of earning back links because more people would read about them.

What’s more important is your reputation as an interviewing site. It may take time to build a reputation as one such site. Only then you will be able to earn more backlinks on every interview that you land on Google’s search page.

  1. Free Trials to Business Giants

If your website sells a certain product or service, it is best to offer them to the leading industries. Having them review your product will have a massive impact on your company’s reputation.

You should contact more influential people and companies and get them to review your product and services by giving free trials and sample.

  1. Creating Viral Content

Google passes natural links so why not just go for them. If you can create engaging and attractive content, your links are more worthy of getting more shares for your page. Make your content intriguing enough that it circulates through the web. It can be time consuming and tough but the results will be great.

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