3D Printers For Art And Architecture Students:

In this world of rapid growth in technologies and internet, the way we used to study in the nineties or before have drastically changed and 3D printers have given a whole new dimension to how we create things and manufacture products. For art and architecture students, this means a lot since it can actually save them from the efforts of days in building models by hands to depict their ideas as depicted by the story of my friend Phillip’s, who has just been graduated in the degree of Architecture.

 He believes that the success in the use of 3D printing is largely dependent on the 3D printer gear and thus care needs to be taken in choosing the components that make your overall 3D printer for the purposes and benefits you wish to achieve. In first 3 years of his study he had to spend a number of days in creating the idea of the building he wishes to see but often his drawing skills were not as efficient in doing justice to his idea.

It is not necessary for you to have excellent drawing skills in case you want to be an Architect as in this world of computers, you can draw your ideas on computer which makes sure that your bad drawing skills are not an issue in pursuing your dreams and you just need the required tools and technology to bring your dreams into reality and present your ideas in the best possible way you can.

So Phillips decided to buy a 3D printer using ABS filaments so that he can get the desired product with required finish and beauty. He had develop some models for his final year project on the computer and all he needed to do was to give them life after finishing them in proper shape, which CAD products helped him to achieve and he started to watch a number of video tutorials to develop the best model which can be printed with the best results using the 3D printer he bought and yes he was able to achieve a good looking model which after some attempts was printed beautifully by the 3D printer and it was really a master piece perfectly representing his building model which otherwise would have been impossible or difficult to create with hands which are used to making mistakes and laxck proper finish, giving him a distinction in his grades.

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