Different kinds of at home STD kit

In general, it is called as at home STD kit, but the truth is that there is much more to it. There are actually a lot of different kinds of STD kit that you should try out for yourself. These are the most common ones and they are definitely something to test on yourself so that you would know and confirm it yourself that you really are clean and you won’t have any doubts about engaging into sexual relationships with your partner nor would you have to worry that you are sick. Here are some types of at home STD kit that you should know about.

Herpes kit

This one is for herpes and is available for both female and males. It is really easy to use and it gives results as fast as possible so you won’t have any problems in getting the results with in the day. It is also very private because you can just do it in your own house without anyone else in there. This is the best options for those people who are too afraid to go to the clinic by themselves. You can find more details on std clinic on the site stdteststore.com.

Chlamydia kit

In case you feel like you are suffering from chlamydia, but you are unsure of it, you can always confirm your doubts away. One way to do that would be to get yourself a kit and test yourself out. The good thing about this is that you got nothing to be ashamed for since you are the one who would be doing the test itself and the only one who would know the results.

Gonorrhea kit

This is another test kit that you can opt for especially if you are curious or interested in knowing if you are suffering from gonorrhea or not. It is definitely a reliable test that gives good results as fast as possible as well.

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