Things You Need To Know About Bluehost

Bluehost hosting has started to serve clients with great value since 1996. Up to now, Bluehost has served a lot of satisfied customers and the web host continues its good reputation by providing more quality service.

Bluehost hosting plans are of very reasonable price. In fact you can start with only $8 dollars per month. If you are lucky, you can get coupons given by the web host and avail a lesser price.

The Three Hosting Packages

There are three types of hosting packages that you can choose in Bluehost. If you consider yourself as beginner, you can start availing the Starter Pack with a price of $3.49 every month. The starter pack only allows single website to be hosted with 100 GB website space. More information about Bluehost on>.

The Plus Package costs $5.95 per month but with unlimited website to be hosted. Even the website space is unlimited.

Business Pro is a bit higher in price with $13.95 monthly payment. Most big online marketers use this type of package because the coverage is wider compared to the latter.

A Free Domain When You Sign Up

This is another great value given to new subscribers. Once you signed up to Bluehost, you are guaranteed with one free domain as a gift to your website. When you sign up, Bluehost will register your chosen domain name for free. This is one great saving in terms of money and of course in time because Bluehost will be the one to register you. You’ll not be spending time reconfiguring nameservers to get your domain.

Unlimited Web Space

Unlimited Web Space offered to Plus and Business Packages. In these packages, bluehost will not restrict you as to mow much data you can store to your web space. This is actually very useful for websites with large files including photos and videos.

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