Sheer, Flowing and Casual – A Winning Combination

Zuri Zuri by Flora has, slowly but surely, made a name for itself in the fashion industry by successfully doing what many new fashion houses are unable to do – developing their signature style and then sticking to it throughout the years. Flowing blouses that do not hug the body too closely and give off the aura of casualness have become a signature Zuri Zuri look. They have successfully managed to offer a number of different variations to this style and have made it look absolutely effortless. With their latest Zuri Zuri By Flora Women’s Fashionable Casual Wear Long Sleeve Solid Color Blouse, they have continued with their signature style.

Their newest blouse takes their signature ‘flow’ one step further and incorporates the look into the sleeves. The sleeves of the blouse are its main attraction; they are large, flow-y and include a huge slit from the top to the end. This slit is held together by small metallic buttons from the shoulders till the end of the three-quarter lengths. Therefore, there is a quite some skin-tease going on too. The huge bell like shape is unique and immediately demands attention from on-lookers. They are flirtatious, romantic and perfect for the warmth of this season.

Another great thing about the blouse is its A-line shape. The fitting of the blouse becomes narrower when it reaches the waist, therefore, accentuating the figure of the person wearing the blouse. With this slight alteration, the wearer will not look like she is wearing a sack over her pair of jeans and will actually be able to look womanly in a loose fit blouse.

The dress comes in three beautiful colors with each shade creating a perfect ambience in its own right. The first color is the typical black which is a wardrobe essential for all women. The black top is particularly darker in color and one can pair it up with many different colors (when it comes to pants) like white, maroon, black, red and the like. The next color is lushly red – the siren call! This one can be paired with black, white, blue and other pants’ colors. Lastly, the teal is what our panel of experts felt was the most gorgeous shade in the entire collection as it takes one away from the typical colors and gives something unique and different. Pair this one up with darker colors (apart from black and white – even though those will work great too).

Lastly, the blouse also allows the wearer to add subtle sexiness to the look through the sheer material. One simple needs to wear a tank top underneath and it will look great!

The blouse costs only $32.99 and has received positive reviews from the customers. They have said that they feel that the blouse is a great fit.

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